Friday, June 10, 2011

Some finishes

 Well I finally finished my shawl I was working on.  It was knitted with 3 different brands of yarn....Berrocco, Bernat and Katia Ribbon.  I love the weight of it which is a little heavy and will keep me nice and warm down here this coming winter.  I hate wearing coats and I find shawls are a great addition to my wardrobe.  It's most knitted but the ruffle at the bottom is crocheted.  I made a shawl like this for a friend's mother and I loved how it turned out so I thought I'd finish this one that way.
Then when I had my crochet hooks out, I thought I'd make some washcloths to sell in my store.  This set was made using a cotton/acrylic yarn that has been recycled so you might want to say these are "green".  There are three washcloths that finished out about 8 inches square and a round scrubby which I love to use to remove makeup.  They are all tied up with a red and white ribbon with my "Blessings".  You will find this set for sale in my store.
I came across some unusual jars the other day and I'm working on coming up with something involving them.  They are a great size for holding pins and such and would look beautiful sitting on your sewing table.  I hope to have these finished sometime next week so stay tuned for that.
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend with absolutely nothing to do but stitch....
Blessings as always,


Mouse said...

love the shawl .. like to snuggle up into something like that too ... I have received a wash cloth in an exchange and I find them so nice I don't want to use it love mouse xxxx

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

PRETTY shawl, funny how just the shoulders can get a chill, can picture you all snuggled up this winter:) Beautiful dishcloths too!

Kathy Ellen said...

Your shawl is so pretty, and I really love your beautiful crocheted washcloths too. I have been using them ever since my mother first discovered them. I have a few that are just almost too pretty to use!