Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Shepherd's Bush finish

Is there a certain finish that you absolutely, positively hate doing?  I do and it's needlerolls.  That's what this pattern from Shepherd's Bush was suppose to be finished in to but I changed it to a floss pocket.  This is fully linen with black silk with a silk ribbon tie at the top to close it.  It's about 4 x 5 inches so it's a nice size....maybe for your scissors and doo dads too.  Everything else about the pattern is as SB intended it to look....just not the finishing.  This will be in my store if anyone is interested.
It's been pretty quiet around here.  Vallie is even feeling the heat and just doesn't want to play catch outside like she usually does.  I do believe today got to 98 degrees and who knows where the heat index ended up.  Is everyone this summer having these same kind of heat waves?  I have a dear friend in Lake Jackson, Texas and she hasn't had rain of any consequence since January.  Can you imagine going 5 months without rain?  No wonder the state of Texas is burning down.  My heart goes out to those people who are losing their houses and businesses from the fires and also the flooding in the central part of the country.  It just hasn't been a very good summer all around and I believe everyone will be glad when it's over.  
Now I have to decide what to stitch next.  I have the quakers from Jardin Prive that I need to do so I'm thinking of starting the one with the Eiffel Tower.  I just have to decide what colors.  Since it is a french design, I'm thinking of using the colors of their flag....blue, white and red.  What do you think?  Too corny???  I'll wait and see if I get any opinions on that before I start it.  Off to work on the crocheted baby blanket.
Blessings as always,


Carolyn said...

Dang woman, you stitch fast! This really turned out pretty. I like it better this way than finished as a needleroll. So pretty.

Still no rain. :( I'm melting, I'm melting.....

Catherine said...

Love your finish!!

Mouse said...

ohh love the finish :) i quite like doing needle rolls :) and I shall send some rain over your way .. we got some today :) love mouse xxxx

Ruth said...

I love your finish, I've never made a needleroll before so I can't tell you whether I like them or not.
I can definitely send you some rain as here in Ireland it seems to have forgotten to stop and become summer..mmmm
I like the sound of your French piece and I don't think the blue red and white too corny, its what I think of when I think French ! Cant wait to see what you decide.

Bekca said...

I don't think your French colour scheme sounds corny at all, I think it would look very pretty. Sorry to hear you've been suffering from the weather, I hope it improves soon so Vallie can go back to being her bouncy self! Best wishes and happy stitching.

Rita said...

Beautiful finish!

I live in Lake Jackson too and we woke up to a little rain this am...not enough but it was welcome.

Rike said...

Hi Barbara,

that's a wonderful finish!

As for the colors of the Eiffel Quaker I'll suggest to do the Eiffel Tower in some steel grey and the other motives in a range of one color, depending on the fabric color - maybe some soft pinks or blues or greens?

Have a nice day

Darlene said...

I love stitching AND finishing needlerolls...at last count I had over 60 tucked away in my little bin!! I will say tho' that I do like the floss pocket finish as well. Is it hard to do? Could you post instructions for this?