Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some Odds and Ends

 I've had a pretty lazy weekend.  Of course I had to watch the Nascar All Star Race and my driver, Dale Jr was voted in as most popular, but that's about as good as he got.  Oh well....tomorrow is another day.
I was in a sewing mood and discovered I needed some more project bags.  The top one I made out of two different oriental based fabrics, the middle one is made from Blackbird Design charm squares and then there's the bumble bee one.  I enjoy making these and I'm looking forward to getting my embroidery machine this fall so I can monogram them.  The possibilities are endless and I don't know about you, but I really don't enjoy those plastic ones.  I love the feel of cotton and the endless erray of colors and designs.  I'll keep you informed as to when these will be available for sale.  I think it will be really awesome to have a project bag done in the colors of your choice with your monogram front and center.
 I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do with the above.  I was tinkering that day and ended up with this but then came to a wall in my brain.  Don't ya just hate it when that happens?  And it seems the older I get the more often it occurs.  Hmmmmmm  ....gonna have to look into that.
 Then there was the shopping expedition to my favorite fabric store, The Sewing Studio in Maitland Florida.  I found the most delicious fabrics with chocolates on them.  I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked background or white I bought some of both.  LOL  I love making these kind of decisions.  Then in their clearance room.....yes they have an entire room filled with clearance items....I found two paddle fulls of heirloom lace from France.  One has 33.5 yards and the other is 38 yards and get this....only $5.00 each.  After I picked my lower jaw up off the floor I grabbed both of those suckers.  And last but not least, I found the most delicious white rose applique that I'm planning on sewing on a project bag for myself.  Oh I almost forgot....I even found some ribbon with "chocolate" on it.  It's just calling my name to make a biscornu using it.
And last but not least, is my little Vallie.  She looks sad in this picture because I had just made her come inside and she couldn't play with her little boyfriend next door, Curly.  He's a cutie pie and it was love at first site for both of them.  You'll notice that the cone is gone.  Her stitches are healed and she's been given her freedom.  She's having a bad hair day but we must wait at least another week before getting a bath.  She'll be in fine form for some much needed pampering by then.  
Well I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend and that you all got some much needed stitching time.  I have started a new biscornu from Kirsten Edwards.  You will find the pattern on the Gift of Stitching blog and you can send for the button that is used in the center.  I sent for mine and I swear I received it in less than a week all the way from Australia.  I hope to have this finished in a day or so and then I get to stitch something for a friend.  I love stitching things and giving them away to people who I know will enjoy and treasure the work that went into them.  
Blessings as always,


Mouse said...

ooooo love the project bags... FAB finds on the lace and fabbie :) glad Vallie is back to her cute self and hopefully will enjoy her pampering session :) love mouse xxxx

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

You're project bags are so pretty. We've a new Joanne's that opened Friday (to replace a very oooold one~think grubby), you're inspiring me to plan my first visit. Nice to see Vallie getting around better now, very cute about her BF next door:)