Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Rose Pincushion

Here's the latest finish I did.  I'm really becoming addicted to making smalls and if anyone knows of a 12step program, please let me know.  :o)  I can't seem to be able to stop making them and trying to find new ways of doing the finishing part.  This one I just eliminated the sharp corners and I think it made it softer looking....or am I dreaming.  
I'm getting into a slump again.  I'm sitting here looking at my patterns and nothing interests me.  Why does this happen to us?  I've heard of other ladies going thru this and they can't begin to express why it affects them either.  Maybe I need to start something big like the Blackbird Designs calendar year project.  I've collected all the patterns and have a fat half of 30ct. linen to stitch them all on.  When finished, it should make an impressive wall quilt.  I have all the items....oh well.
Woke up this morning with another sore throat.  This has been going on for about a week now and I just seem to have no energy.  Oh the heck with's  nap time with Vallie.
Blessings as always,


Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Such a pretty pink finish. I dunno Barbara, seems if a project gets too involved there's a chance I'll loose interest after a while. I say stitch what you're in the mood for, or take a break. I could never imagine how a slump could takeover ~ til it happened to me, there's no rhyme or reason. Hope your throat starts to feel better, warm milk w/honey can be very soothing and is said to promote a restful feeling, even napping:) Hugs to Vallie xoxo

Carol said...

Guess I need a 12-step program right along with you, Barbara :)

Your finish is lovely--that center button adds the perfect touch!

Mouse said...

ohh very pretty :) and sorry to hear about your throat ,.. honey and lemon ??? and as for your slump have a browse through some stitchy sites /blogs and see if any thing takes your fancy from there ?? hope things improve for you soon :) love mouse xxx

Karen said...

Love your finish ... it is very delicate looking. Hope you feel better soon and recover from your stitching slump!

lynda said...

what a pretty little pincushion...I like the way yo did the corners. I'm in a slump too...I have lots of things I could be stitching, but I've just been so tired lately. Maybe I need more vitamins or they still make that stuff???

Del said...

Pretty pincushion. I love smalls too, just because they can turn into useful items. Slumps - I try a different style of needlework or at least look at something on the internet. Eventually I come back to things in a few days when I am inspired by girls like you and what you are doing. Maybe we have too much time on our hands compared to the good old days when women chopped wood, baked bread and ploughed the back 40 acres before breakfast. I don't think I could plough the back 40 acres before or after breakfast! LOL.

Nina said...

This is so beautiful!
Can you let me know the name of design and designer, please? Many thanks :)