Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some other things to be taken care of.........

Several of you ladies signed up to take part in a RR with the Sweetheart Tree design.  Well Rita's name was drawn and she will start it off.  Now the rest of you ladies who are interested in it will have to pay attention to her blog to see when she's finished with it and ready to pass the pattern on.  I will try to keep up and have the stitcher's blog posted in my side bar for all to see.
I hope everyone has read that Kat was the winner of the birthday giveaway for the month of March and that everyone will watch for my next giveaway which will take place sometime in April/May.
Blessings as always,


Sarah Beth said...

I just started following your blog and my ears perked up about the round robin. I have always wanted to participatqee in one. Is it too to include me.

Carol R said...

Could we have a link to Rita's blog please?

Kat said...

Hi Barbara,

I got your email and I am so excited that I was your winner!Just wanted to say thanks!