Friday, March 4, 2011

From Australia....

and the designers at Dinky Dyes, comes this very sweet pattern which was just calling to me when I saw the colors in it and how they matched my fabrics that I had bought.  The bottom of the biscornu is done in the  fabric shown in the bottom of the picture and the bow is done in the top one.  All the stitching was done with Dinky Dyes and around the outside, are very tiny teal colored beads.  I had to include Australia in my month of foreign designers because of my father being stationed there during WWII and he just loved the country and it's people.  I always thought that if I didn't live here in the states, I could find a home in Australia very easily.  This one is going into my store so if you are interested in it, you'll find it there.
My next design is from France so of course you know it's gonna be red....I just haven't decided on the fabric yet.
Blessings as always,


Carolyn said...

Just beautiful!! Gosh you stitch and finish quick. I'm another that could live in Australia in a heartbeat. If all of my family wasn't here, I'd consider heading "over the pond". The people are wonderful and the country is beautiful.

I look forward to seeing your French project? Red??? NOOOO....say it isn't so! LOL Love, Thel

EveningEmma said...

So pretty and sweet, I love it!