Friday, February 11, 2011

Update on Buttercup....

I was very upset after meeting with this sweet little dog.  The people at Petsmart who take care of adopting out these dogs after they have been taken care of by them, know absolutely nothing.  When I got there, this little dog was sitting in the corner of the cage.  She didn't stand up, no tail wagging, nothing.  They took her out of the cage and put us in a room to become acquainted with each other.  Now most dogs would of come over and investigated you.  Not this dog.  She was terrified.  I could tell when I went to pet her she had been abused because she tried to back away from me and she started to breath really heavy and shutter.  I was afraid the poor thing was going to have a heart attack.  Well I went back to the people and asked if she had been abused.  Their reply was "we don't know".  I then asked if she was leash trained.  "We don't know".  I asked my final question before leaving the store...."do you know anything about these dogs you are adopting out?"  Needless to say, she wasn't happy with me but I don't care.  I'm tempted to report them to the authorities.  So I'm still looking for a little furball and I won't give up yet.  Our grand daughter is helping us search for one so we'll see if she can help.  I will keep you informed if anything happens.
As always, Barbara


Carolyn said...

Awwww....poor Buttercup. I think I would be having to bring her/him home with me. That precious face had me at the very beginning. Good luck on finding the right furbaby! HUGS

Barbara said...

Thellie, she had me too but I was terrified that if I brought her home, she wouldn't adjust to us and it would of broken my heart. I've had too much of that happening lately. Luv ya

Terri said...


If you know the type of dog you want (breed, etc.) get online and search for a rescue group.

We have Italian Greyhounds (I'm going to start being a foster mom at the end of the year, I hope) and rescue groups do behavioral studies on their dogs before adopting them out. They can tell you if the dog is good around children, other dogs, men, women, cats, etc. They can also usually tell you the history of the dog's previous owners unless it's a dog that was found abandonded.

Thank you for looking at an adoption instead of going to a pet store.

Barbara said...

Terri, I really had my heart set on a West Highland Terrier but the only one in this area with a rescue group was adopted. I thought the little Shih Tzu would be perfect for us but apparently the rescue group she was with, was a horrible one. I had a neighbor who had two greyhounds that were from a rescue group down here because they have dog racing in Florida. They were both fantastic dogs but the breed is just too big for us. I am determined to get one at a rescue group if I can.