Sunday, February 13, 2011

In remembrance....

I want to introduce you to someone.  This sweet lady's name is Taz and she went to heaven yesterday.  I know her owners are heart broken as I am.  Let me tell you some things about Taz.  When she was living down the street from us, my hubby and I would take walks every night and she would always come out to greet us.  She loved her treats and she hated squirrels.  At Christmas time, I would always bake her some doggie cookies when I was making everyone elses and she would have them delivered in a paper bag which was easy for her to open.  When Kathy and Denise moved away a few years ago, I think I missed Taz almost as much as I missed them.  She was a gentle soul who never found fault with anyone....well except the mailman.  Please add your prayers to mine for the two ladies who gave this lady a home and that their hearts heal quickly.  Thank you
As always, Barbara

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