Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Shawlette for Sale

I knitted this shawl with a beautiful acrylic/wool yarn that has a lovely drape to it and just lays gently around your shoulders. I wanted a soft ruffle along the edge and so I decided to crochet that part and it turned out just how I imagined it would. This would make a beautiful gift for someone who has a chilly office or home and just wants a little something around the shoulders to help keep warm.
The above picture shows the knitted part with a design of yarn overs and garter ridges with the crocheted ruffle. You will find this item in my store for sale.

Now unto Christmas shopping. Would you believe hubby and I went yesterday and have just about all the grand children done!!! I've always been more comfortable shopping for girls since that's what we had, but I must admit I had alot of fun shopping for those 4 grandsons. We started at Costco and found a K-nex (sp?) roller coaster that is almost 4 feet tall. Now this comes with hundreds of little pieces and I know the boys will love it, but Jenn is another story. I can hear her now complaining about the parts laying around on the floor waiting to be picked up by the vacuum. LOL It's a lot of fun being a grandparent!!! Next we went to Target and they got quite a bit of our money but we did great there. Wyatt the smallest one has been watching the Fisher Price IXL book on tv so that's what we decided to get for his large present. It looks like he's gonna have a ball with this one and it's educational so that's always a bonus. The two middle ones, Cauy and Dakota are into the Halo toys (please don't ask me to explain because I have no idea what these are) but bought some great pieces for them between Target and ToysRUs. The oldest boy Dalton, is really into camo gear. Well the next stop was the Army/Navy store and we got some things there he's gonna love...including his own set of dog tags. All in all it was alot of fun shopping for them and I still have to get a few odds and ends for them and they are finished. Peyton our grand daughter is graduating this year so we've decided to get her a laptop for her Christmas/graduation present combined. She needs one (her old one died) and I'm sure alot of stores are going to have some good sales from now till Christmas.
So today I'm recuperating and doing some sit down work. I'm still working on the gifts for my Christmas giveaway which will be posted the day after Thanksgiving.....Black Friday so keep checking back. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
As always, Barbara

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Bekca said...

That sounds like a very successful Christmas shopping trip! I really enjoy my Christmas shopping actually, especially when you find something that's just perfect for the person you need a gift for. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up for a giveaway and happy stitching to you.