Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Now this is being creative...

I have a neighbor who goes all out at Halloween and today I remembered to go take some pics to share with you ladies. I had to go to the post office this morning and I saw another house that just has to be photographed at night so I'll try to remember to do that after dark this evening.
I love how the lady who lives here does this every year for the children of the neighborhood. She has none of her own but loves seeing the kids faces each year.
This one just cracks me up.
If you have any special houses or maybe your own who decorates in a big way for Halloween, send me some pics and I'll post them here for everyone to enjoy.
As always, Barbara


Cole said...

I love seeing houses decorated for Halloween, they're such fun!!

Del said...

Thank you for sharing, I love Halloween. It is not celebrated much in this country (Australia) but I don my witches cap and wait for the rare trick or treater. I don't know who has the more fun.