Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something to keep her warm

One of my friends works with a lady who is going thru a rough time right now and she asked me to make a shawl for her. I decided to make her a prayer shawl. I picked a cream yarn that is fully washable to make it out of and I hope she likes it. This is the prayer that goes along with it:
"Dear God, Bless the shawl that my hands are about to create and make it a comfort and a blessing to the person who receives it. May she find peace during life's trials, setbacks, disappointments and hardships as she wraps herself in Your love and in this shawl. May it be a sign of Your loving presence and a reminder that she is surrounded by prayers asking You to give her wings to fly above her troubles. Amen

Please check in on October 1st because I will be having a new giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness. Now that is a clue: the giveaway gift will be pink.

I wish all of you the best,
As always, Barbara


~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Beautiful work Barbara, you're so very thoughtful. I know she'll love it, anyone would ~ that's for sure:)

Bekca said...

That is a very sweet gift to send, you're very kind. I will look out for your next giveaway! Happy stitching to you.