Friday, August 6, 2010

Stacey Nash Biscornu

This is the second one of her biscornu patterns and I thought I better get it stitched. I did something different with this one. I tea dyed the cotton lace and the silk ribbon I used to finish it with. It doesn't show up in the photo very well but it did turn out very complimentary to the design.
I see we aren't getting much response to the idea of a bookmark exchange and I've been told that it might be due to the time of the year. Everyone is in a tizzy to get their kids back to school and maybe some are on vacations. We will try this again sometime this fall and maybe we'll get a better response.
I have a confession to make. I am an addict!!!! I can't stop ordering HDF silks!!! Vikki is coming out with some stunning "rubbed" colors and I just can't resist them. I have an entire hank of her one color "Dragon Droppings" which I ordered to do all these quakers with and I haven't even started that yet. I wonder if there is a 12 step program to get over an addiction to silk? If anyone hears of any, please let me and my cc's getting tired. LOL
So here it is friday and another weekend is in sight. My hubby had to take my suv to work today because something is wrong with his car. I hate it when he drives my vehicle!!! When I get back in it, I discover he has moved the seat and all the mirrors and it takes me a week to get it back the way it was. Also tomorrow is yard working day. Now that's something I really hate. It is so hot down here right now that all you have to do is step outside and stand still and you start sweating buckets and it's worse when you work. I'm hoping we can get most of it done before it gets too hot but then that means getting up earlier. Have I told you I hate yard work? LOL
Well you ladies have a great weekend...As always, Barbara


~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Barbara, lovely finish, yes ~ I've also found that tea dying ribbon and lace works very well, also jute/twine.

HDF rubbed ? Gonna check it out, TFS!

Off to bake a morning meatloaf so family can have cold sammies next couple days and let me stitch in peace:)

Hoping you find a cool tomorrow morning for your yard work.

Plz have a nice sweet weekend.


staci said...

Gorgeous biscornu!!!