Thursday, July 1, 2010

Funks Over.....New Pincushion

To help myself get over the funk I was in, I decided to use one of my favorite reds from Vikki and it worked. The JBW design is such a cute one but for the life of me, I couldn't read what it said until I was finished with it. I tried and tried from the pattern and it was a no go. What it does say is "sisters love to go shopping together" and ain't it the truth. I have no sisters but my one sister in law and I both do very well shopping together. We haven't been able to do much lately since she's up in Pennsylvania but hubby and I are going to try to go north this fall after hurricane season is over. If any of you ladies have sisters, I'm sure you can identify with this saying. I finished it into a little pincushion with little ivory hearts in the corners and one for the clasp of the purse. These french designs by JBW I just love and I still have a few to stitch so stay tuned.
As always, Barbara
P.S. I want to thank all the ladies for the suggestions on how to get over this and you can be sure I will remember these for the next time.


Karen said...

I would say that would do it.....just a cute pillow finish!

pat said...

very beautiful and elegant

Patty C. said...

Cute Finish :)

Moreen said...

Lovely pillow I really like the way you have finished it - so cute. I love red stitching .

Tatkis said...

Oh, your pincushion is so sweet and cute :) Congratulations!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Snap! I just finished a similar JBW design for my daughter who loves shopping for shoes. And now you have given me an idea on how to finish it:) I was tired of the bigger project I was doing and this was fun. Woke me up too. Nice to have fellow stitchers' work to look at:)

Bekca said...

I have a sister and that sentiment is very true! Cute finish.