Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some New Fibers

We all have our favorite fiber and mine has to be Gloriana Silks. There are some new ones I bought last week and two I just want to show off. LOL Gloriana has now come out with little packs of 3 colors per pack. The top one is the red, cream and blue...which is destined for a 4th of July pattern, and the second group which are beautiful neutrals in natures colors. The bottom ones I've had for a while but I think they are so beautiful I had to share them with you. Gloriana also has sets of 6 different fibers in the same color. Two different sizes of ribbon, a pearl size silk and two sizes of pearl cotton and the regular 6 strand one. I have had these for several months and I just can't find the perfect chart for these two colors and if anyone of you ladies can think of something that might just work, please let me know either by posting here or an email.
As always, Barbara


~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

All are very pretty, TFS:)

Laura said...

love your blog it inspired me your Stitching is beautiful.Thanks for sharing it.

Nicole said...

I'm a fanatic over Gloriana, Anne does something for everyone - brights, pastels, earth tones, and all of them are spectacular.