Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Random Thoughts

And how is everyone this Monday evening? I've been working on a new free design and just about have that finished. I'm also working on a design to add to the front of a tote bag I'm making which will end up in the for sale album. I hope to have it finished tomorrow ..... if I'm lucky. LOL
I found out last night that our dear grand daughter, Peyton, has mono. She texted me from the hospital and my heart skipped a beat there for a moment. Our one grandson had to have surgery when he was a baby and other than that, we've been blessed with healthy grandchildren. I'm hoping she gets better quickly because she's not the type to sit around and is guaranteed to drive everyone crazy. LOL
Several weeks ago I asked for prayers for a friends mother who was 90 years young and they found cancer on her lungs. Well she's gone thru all the radiation treatments and last friday they found out that it did no good whatsoever. I have her still in my prayers and I would appreciate you adding her to yours.
Until next always, Barbara

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