Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Indy 500, the Coca Cola 600 and a Ladybug Pincushion

First off I finished my little ladybug pincushion. This one is in salute to my grand daughter, Peyton who when she was little, loved ladybugs....but then what little girl doesn't. I stitched this on a hand dyed 28ct. linen using DMC floss. I even had one of JN ladybug stick pins to use with it.

In just a few moments the 2010 Indianapolis 500 will start. I guess most women cheer for Danika but not me...Helio is my man. I despise the commercials that Danika makes for her Go Daddy me they downgrade women. JMO and nobody elses.

Then tonite we have the Coca Cola 600 from Charlotte. This is my favorite of the two races today. It's a race of endurance and the winner is the strongest and most disciplined driver on the track. My heart says Junior needs to win this but my brain says someone else long as it's not Kyle Busch, I'm happy. Isn't he a dweeb? LOL
Anyway, however you decide to spend your sunday, have a blessed one.
As always, Barbara


Lee said...

Love your Ladybug ( I call them Ladybirds) pincushion.
My grand daughter now 15 years old has always loved Ladybirds and even now I add them to the things I stitch for her.

Delphine said...

Such a pretty pin cushion. My daughter had ladybirds stuck around her mirror when she was a teenager. Hope your guys won their races. When I was a teenager (a millenium ago) I went to a race track a couple of times and can still remember the smell of the cinders on the dirt track.
That place doesn't exist anymore - gee I must be old. LOL

Trina said...

Barb, Danika grew up not more than 2 miles from me! I didn't know her, she is much younger than I am! LOL

Girl with violin said...

Sooo sweet!:)

Trina said...

Barb, not Danika, but Sarah Fisher. I don't know what I was thinking. LOL I guess just so impressed with what these girls are doing today!

Moreen said...

Your pincushion is gorgeous - I love ladybirds as we call them in the UK.

Raven/Missy said...

The ladybug pincushion is just beautiful! I am sure your granddaughter will love it!