Sunday, May 23, 2010

How I Make My Bows

I've had several people ask how I make my bows so I thought I'd post some pictures here with directions on how to do them. I guarantee if you follow my directions, you will always make a perfect bow every time.
First you pick the ribbon you want as your bow and cut about 9 inches for a standard size bow. Fold it as the picture above and place a pin in the middle to hold it together.

Next take a needle and thread (I use a sharp needle with quilting thread) and start at the botton part of the middle where to ribbon crosses itself. Do a small basting stitch up thru the middle ending at the top.

Pull these stitches tight and end off with a knot. Cut thread.

What you should have is a piece of ribbon that looks like the picture above.

Take a thinner ribbon (I usually use 1/8 inch) and tie it around the middle where you gathered the stitched together.

Trim your ends and what you have is the perfect bow. I haven't found any project where these types do not work. They are great for gift wrapping because you can use the thinner ribbon to tie it onto the package.
Have fun and I hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday
As always, Barbara


Girl with violin said...

Thank you,Barbara!!!

Moreen said...

That's brilliant thank you for the tutorial.

Carol said...

Barbara--that is so helpful--I always wondered how to make those pretty bows. Thanks so much for your tutorial...

Оля said...

Thank you,thank you,thank you,Barbara