Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Pattern Number Two

So here is the next free pattern I was talking about. This one is stitched in blues and yellows and the pattern gives you the DMC numbers. But, I stitched mine in Waterlillies silks and here are the ones I used:
Polar Ice
and one Dinky Dye....Sunflower
You will find the pattern here
Have fun and let me know if you stitch it.
As always, Barbara
P.S. My next one will be a pink Humbug.


Carolyn said...

Ohh Louie, I love it! I clicked on the link to get it, but it said there was no such page. I'll try again tomorrow. My puter might be messed up. Thank you for sharing your lovely designs with us. So far, I'm TOTALLY impressed, my friend! Love ya!

Carol said...

That's gorgeous Barbara! I love the blues and yellows. Sadly the link didn't work for me either so I will be back to try again too! :o)

Chantal said...

I really like your pincushion .I'm a pincushion collector so i wanted to make one like this but it seems that the link is not good . I will try later again .
Greetings from Belgium

Lynn B said...

Wow, I just love this pattern, unfortunately the link did not work but I will also check back later to see if I can get it.
This really is a beautiful design, thanks for designing it!

Barbara said...

It should work now ladies. Thank you for the kind words about my work. I'm having a ball designing these. Please let me know if it still doesn't work.

Kathy said...

Beautiful pattern. Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely - and the link worked for me. I love the specialty stitches. You are truly a gift in my life! Rhonda
ps - I thought I had the google acct set up but there must be a problem (probably operator error)