Friday, April 9, 2010

How Many Is Too Many?

Sitting here thinking about all the designs I want to have finished in the next few months and I'm beginning to feel over whelmed. I know stitchers who have up to 20 designs started and working on. I get frazzled if I work on more than two at one time and I just don't see how these ladies do it. How do they keep their place? How do they keep their interest? I am stumped. Maybe it's from my years of selling my finished items. No money came in until that item was finished and on ebay. I'm just wondering which one is the best method? What do you ladies think? Am I short changing myself by only working on one or two designs at a time? I would really love to hear your feedback.
As always, Barbara


Kay said...

Maybe I'm nuts, but I always finish a project before starting another one. I guess I have a fear of UFO's!

Carol said...

I have always been a one project at a time stitcher, Barbara. This year, I've branched out and have an ongoing "Block a month" goal for Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, but in between the blocks I try to stitch an ornament and a smaller sampler each month. So far it is working! I can't imagine having anything else going on at the same time...

Cindy Geilmann said...

Hi Barbara, we're more alike then you know. I love to quilt, I have about 15 projects I been collecting over the last 5 years that keep getting pushed aside because of other projects. It's overwhelming and somewhat disturbing. I don't very as organized. But I love having them hang with me in my sewing room. I love knowing I will always have something to work on. I love being able to pick and choose. BUT I also love starting something and finishing something. Most projects I do finish, their just stacked up.
I think I work faster the more I have. It's just become part of me.

I love you little "watchful angel" do you have that one finished?

Thanks for becoming a follower of mine. I did the same for you.

Hug new friend

Bekca said...

I always think the best method is to have one big project on the go that you spend time on at the weekend. Then have a smaller project that you can work on during the evenings, then just stitch little things whenever the occassion arises. That way, you keep your interest for each piece and don't get overwhelmed.

Redrodi56 said...

Remember the afghan I started for our 25th anniversary? Well the goal now is to finish it by the 30th! Life is to short to be overly disciplined I think. Your mood changes,gift giving deadlines arise & sometimes I just get tired of the piece I'm working on. Not to mention having travel pieces to work on in the car while waiting for the kids or at the beading stage but don't want to risk taking them out of the house. No rules, just what works for you.