Thursday, July 18, 2019


Hello my fellow stitchers.  I have been working my fingers to the bone trying to finish the Cricket design Wicked Patch.  I am loving stitching this with the different fibers and specialty stitches and it's really keeping my interest.  I did make one mistake but I'm not changing it.  The purple leaves in the bottom of the design were to be done in satin stitch and I just did cross stitch.  This is just too much to remove and I really don't think it makes a difference to the design.  Also, I'm going to add something.  The witches hat has neon green stars on it done in metallic braid but I think I'm going to do them in beads.  Add a little more interest to it.  Here's what I have finished so far....

I'm hoping another week will see it finished.

My youngest brother could use some prayers right now.  He had another stroke and this one has affected his memory.  He remembers things that happened long ago but from one minute to the next, he doesn't remember where he is and why.  They can't seem to get his blood pressure to come down.  When he was admitted it was over 200 and it's still in the 190's.  He was in ICU for several days but now he's in a regular room.  Of course the insurance company is yelling for him to be released but with his blood pressure still way too high, they can't do that.  At least I hope they can't.  Who knows anymore with this broken health care system we have to put up with.

Just for laughs......

roller coaster

Blessings, Barbara

Monday, July 8, 2019

Back to Normal

Well I'm back to as normal as I can get.  No more pain, no more stent but I did have a day on friday.  I had  1 1/2 percocet left and one of the fragments of the kidney stone picked that day to move.  The pain was really bad so I took all that I had to relieve it.  The next day on Saturday I felt horrible.  I had body chills, headache, body aches and a general feeling of miserable.  As it turned out I was having withdrawal from the Percocet.  I never thought that someone's body could get hooked on a drug that fast and then have to go thru withdrawal.  I had only taken a total of 25 pills in the two weeks.  Never again will I take so many of those horrible pills.

I want to tell you a story about a terrific designer who has a heart of gold.  I was on a cross stitch forum the other day and I saw a picture of a Cross Eyed Cricket design that I fell in love with.  The name of it was Wicked Patch.  I looked it up on her website but didn't see it listed so I thought it was a free design and I decided to contact Vicki Hastings the designer.  I received a message back from her telling me that she would not be home for about 2 weeks but she would look it up when she did.  About 2 weeks later I got an email from her telling me that that was a design she did for a special store and they were going to have a class on it.  Because the class was so many years ago, she felt that she could send it to me without doing any damage.  This is it and it arrived on Saturday.  I think this goes way above being a wonderful designer and a wonderful person also.

Now because I received this free and it is a copy of her original design I'm going to give this away when I'm finished with it.  I started it today and I will tell you that this design must be done on a linen type fabric because of some specialty stitches.  There are some SNC silks that I have to order and they will be included with all the other fibers (dmc floss) for the giveaway.  The reason this design hit my heart so hard was there are 3 little dressed up pumpkins....witch, ghost and mummy.....which to me represents my 3 little monsters with Evelyn coming in August.  I will post updates and hopefully this won't take too long to stitch.  I love all the colors and I know you will too.

Blessings to All, Barbara

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Blessings Upon This Country

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My final treatment

I just want to let you know that this morning I had my final treatment and the stent removed.  I was able to talk with the doctor and he explained why the 3 treatments and I feel so much better.  I'm still a little loopy from being knocked out but I do feel great.  The nurses were wonderful as always and I'm home in my pj's cuddling with Vallie.  Thank you so much again for your words of encouragement and prayers and I am lucky to have ones like you helping me through this trial.

Maybe now I'll feel like doing some stitching but I am enjoying the granny square blanket and I want to make some more of them.  But right now a nap is in order. 

Blessings, Barbara

Monday, July 1, 2019

Another week has passed and I found out that I have to undergo another procedure this coming Wednesday.  How much more must I endure?  I've begun reading up on what these repeated treatments can do to your body and it's not good.  Damage to kidney, spleen, bladder and surrounding areas.  This will be the third treatment and if I have anything to say about it, my last.  What makes me very upset that after I wake up the doctor never comes in to talk to me.   I feel like I'm a product on an assembly line and the only time I get touched is when I'm done and put in a box.  Has anyone else ever felt that way with a doctor?  I don't know yet what time I have to be there but I'm sure they'll call me.  So sick of this.  

I still don't feel like stitching.  I've started a granny square blanket with some multicolored baby yarn I have.  I want to start using up these acrylic yarns and make blankets to take to the hospital for chemo patients and for whoever else might need them.  I will post them on here when I finish each one and if you would like one for a loved one,  I will only charge for shipping.  

We had a terrible storm here last nite.  Vallie was so nervous and just wouldn't leave my side.  We had one a few days ago in the middle of the night and we lost power.  She work me up by licking my nose because she knew something was different.  With her having trouble with her sight, I keep a small night light on in our bedroom and she noticed that it was out.  Pretty smart little girl.  

I wish all of you a Blessed week filled with love and sunshine.  May the troubles in your life drift away like rain clouds after a storm.

That should work! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Without going into too much detail about my politics, I want to make everyone aware of something.  On Ravelrys website they have now announced that there will be no discussion about our President or anything conservative.  You are not allowed to make any patterns saluting him or his "regime" because they feel he stands for White Supremacy.  This is the kind of  behavior I just hate to see happening in our country.  This is how it begins and what's left is not pretty to look at.  I want to share a post made on "The Federalist" from a woman who joined Ravelry and this is now her take on it and how it should be responded to.


Leaving Isn’t Really a Solution to a Bullying Problem

We are repeatedly told that these websites and communities are free, so we can’t complain or shouldn’t expect much. While it’s true that there is no cash outlay for membership, these sites are not free.
The cost of being a Ravelry customer for the last nine years has been reasonable. I pay them my attention, my data, and a portion of the cost of patterns. I skip past the “adult” content and the hateful lefty content. In return, I get access to the pattern and yarn databases, a helpful community, and a useful crafting notebook.
As of Sunday, Ravelry has changed that equation. They have added significant costs to me. If I am to continue to be their customer, I have to accept their claims of white supremacy. I must accept their bigotry, and allow myself to be silenced.
That’s too high of a cost for me. So I will leave.
I’m under no illusions—leaving Ravelry is not even a tiny step towards a solution. This is not how one stops a bully. All I’m doing is “taking a different route to school.” I’m saving myself from the bully’s attacks, but I’m not stopping the bully.
By speaking out, I’m hoping to divert a few others from the bully’s path, but still, that does nothing to stop the bully. Still, I suppose there has to be a start—identify the bully as such, save yourself, try to save others.
It does seem that conservatives are learning, slowly, to identify these bullies a bit more quickly. That’s something.

Tor the last coupe of days that I have felt ok, I've slowly been placing all the patterns I have purchased since I joined the website back in 2008 onto a USB stick because I can't justify belonging to a website that behaves this way.  I would feel like I am supporting their decision and that I just won't.  Everyone in this country has a voice and should be allowed to use  such voice whether you agree or disagree with someone.  They are slowly taking away that voice and it hits my heart bad.  I won't have much time left on this earth but my grand children and great-grandchildren will and it just breaks my heart that they will not know the America I grew up in.  It's slowly being taken away in the removal of monuments, our history books and anything else that can be found saying what happened in this country.  Truly I am surprised that the Lincoln Memorial is still standing.

I don't know how many of you belong to Ravelry but I assume that a lot of people do not go to the home page and that is where this information is posted.  This has made the national news so maybe they will change their minds but I seriously doubt it.  I leave it up to each of you that do belong to think about what they are allowing themselves to do and to your way of thinking.

Sorry for the long post but I think I needed to say this.
Blessings, Barbara

If you would like to read more about this, check out this website:


Here it is Thursday and I've had my second procedure.  Yesterday went well.  They gave me a bag  of antibiotics because of my history of becoming septic which I thought was an excellent idea.  Again I was there for 5 hours for a 45 min procedure but hopefully the little rascal has been all broken up.  I have prescriptions for my pain killers and antibiotics that I'll get filled today.  I thought I would get away without having to have a new stent put in but no such luck.  I woke up this morning with quite a bit of pain so I took the last 1/2 pain pill I had with some tylenol so hopefully that will last till the drug stores open.  I just pray I don't have to have another procedure any time in the near future.  Your body fills like it been ridden and put away wet.....and for you that have had kidney stones, I pray you never get another one.

Because of these last two weeks I haven't been doing any stitching just some crocheting and knitting.  It seems to relax me more than cross stitch does so that's good. 

 Peyton had a visit with her high risk doctor yesterday and little Evelyn is going to be a good size baby.  Peyton has 2 months to go and already she weighs about 4 pounds.  She head down so now she has the discomfort of being kicked in the ribs.  The doctor did tell her that if she did go into labor early that baby should be just fine and not to have any worries about that.  That made me feel so good last nite when she told me that.  I know I'm anxious to see this new little lovey but I don't want anything to happen to cause Peyton stress.  We went to Hobby Lobby the other day to find some silk flowers to make a wall decoration for the nursery wall and she did an awesome job.  I love it.

Again I want to thank all the well wishes I received and I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart.  I have met some truly wonderful ladies thru this blog and I thank Heaven for each and every one of them.  You are truly angels.

Blessings to All for a Wonderful Day,

Friday, June 21, 2019

Called the doctor's office this morning at 8:10 and asked them to please see about getting me a prescription for more pain killers.  Heard back from them at 2:30 to be told the doctors had all gone home at noon and there was no one there to sign a prescription.  Asked why my doctor was not asked in the 4 hours that he was there for a new prescription.  "I'm not sure" was the answer.  Can you guess what I said after that?  LOL 


The health system is totally a joke now in this country and meanwhile I sit till Monday in pain.

That is NOT a Blessing,

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Well I had my procedure yesterday and I am still in tons of pain.  I've been taking the pain meds they gave me but it's hardly worth the effort.  I received a phone call from the surgery center today to set up an appointment for my next procedure.  Apparently because this was so big I must under go another lithotripsy.  Just what I wanted to do.  What made me upset is that no one asked how I was doing....about any pain I might be having.....blood in urine?  Not one question.  Needless to say I was very upset about this entire conversation and left her know about it.  So it doesn't look my kidney stone has left me yet and has decided to stick around for another shot.  

Thank you for all the well wishes I received.  It certainly means a lot when you have people praying for you and hoping for the best.

I saw this and it gave me a chuckle and I thought you might get a kick out of it too.

I shock myself Custom t-shirt

Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I hate doctors

Well here it is Tuesday and tomorrow I'm scheduled for a "shake and bake" procedure.  This is what I call lithotripsy.  It's when they send shock waves thru your body to break up kidney stones which I happen to have one the size of a nickel.  My Mother, each of my 3 brothers and myself have been plagued all our lives with these delightful little stones.  The last one placed me in intensive care because it became infected and it entered my blood stream to make me septic.   That was not a comforting time but they really do take care of you there.  I was worried that this one would do the same but so far I'm okay.  Wish me luck.

I do have a finish to share with you.  It's from Angel Stitches and it's called "ABC Bird".  I stitched it on a hand dyed 30ct linen but I don't have the name of it.  I used DMC for the stitching and he worked up pretty quick.  I finished it into a stand up.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me get off my chest the worries I have about tomorrows procedure.  I hope the remaining part of your week is filled with loved ones and activities you love doing.  

Moving Waterfall photo by bproctor0901

Blessings, Barbara